3 Ways to Find Fame and Fortune in a Tech Career

Ever dream of becoming a tech millionaire? You can be honest. Most of us have.

It’s easy to see why. We envision a young, healthy person with incredible wealth indulging in their every desire and immediately say, “I want that!” We fantasize about what we would do with that kind of money at an age where we could truly enjoy it.

And what a life it is! These energetic, rich Tech Titans have been expanding their empire from Silicon Valley to Austin, Boston, and beyond. They have worked their way into many major markets and just about every industry. However, there are still plenty of places left to conquer.

Many people ask how to carve out a small bit of this vast fortune for themselves. It’s not too difficult. Today we are going to share with you 3 Ways to Find Fame and Fortune in a Tech Career.

There are thousands of ways to earn a fortune in tech, but if you think about it they boil down to three general paths. It’s very similar to the structure of a restaurant. You have the Front of the House, the Back of the House, and finally Ownership of the House.

Let’s break down each.

Front of the House

In a restaurant, the Front of the House positions is your waiters, waitresses, general managers, and hosts. In essence, these are the people directly interacting with the customers.

For our purposes, think of something like an Amazon influencer. These are people who grow their social media profiles and want to create a revenue stream out of their popularity. They become a friendly, public face to a tech organization and help potential customers or clients see the benefits of doing business or buying something.

There is a huge variety of ways to maximize this potential. Streaming on Twitch, creating videos for YouTube, photography on Instagram, posting on Twitter, or even writing SEO content for a blog. Not sure where to get started? Try asking a question like “What is SEO?” and see if it interests you.

If you have a skill, chances are very good you can find a way to increase your income by interacting with people online and giving them the opportunity to pay you.

The last part is critical. Just like the waitress who asks if you’d like to stick around for desert or have a coffee before you leave, you need to ask your customer for their business. If you have an audience, you can make money online. Just ask.

The fame the Front of the House tech positions generally comes before the fortune.

Back of the House

Continuing our restaurant theme, we come to the Back of the House. These positions are things like the Head Chef, line cooks, expediters, and dishwashing staff. Basically, anyone, you do not see directly when you are having your meal but are crucial to the experience.

In tech, Back of the House people is generally those with incredible skills but who shy away from the limelight. They often want fortune without fame, but it is possible to achieve both. If you look at the highest paying Apple jobs you will find that only 1 of the top 5 puts you out as a public face of the organization.

Tech jobs are known to pay very well. Each of these jobs offers the potential of wealth with stock options. All of them are estimated to offer well into the millions in 10 years or less, and that doesn’t include salary, bonuses, or other benefits.

As you can clearly see, it makes sense to relentlessly develop a technical skill first, then work on getting your name out there. For example: If you create a high-quality Backlink Checker, make sure it goes on your resume and that you can demonstrate how this skill will help the tech firm you are trying to break into. Every organization has problems. Identify which ones are facing your target employer and pitch high-quality solutions.

The more problems you can solve, the faster you will find your place in the Back of the House.

Own the House

Finally, we get to the part where fame and fortune most often combine: Ownership of the House.

You’ve probably heard of Gordon Ramsey or one of a dozen other celebrity chefs. All of these chefs had modest levels of success until they decided to own their own restaurant and market themselves as the face. Their culinary skill was just as sharp when they spent all their time in the kitchen, but their bank accounts exploded when they decided to leverage their skills and move into ownership.

If you really want to make big money in tech, you need this kind of vision. If you don’t have all the necessary skills you can always find a tech cofounder, but without vision, your business is dead in the water.

That vision matters as much as the execution of day to day business. Many Tech Titans have gotten their start in the Front or Back of the House before moving into Ownership. The day to day experience you get there, along with the contacts and skills you develop, will help you hone the vision for your own business.

And when you exercise stock options as an employee, you will have the necessary capital to move into ownership,


There are so many ways to find the fame and fortune that a tech millionaire possesses. However, if you stick to one of the paths above you will find the process becomes much easier. It doesn’t matter if you launch an Instagram page with links to Amazon, prep for interview questions you expect a Google Exec to ask, or launch your own tech firm.

Pick a lane, execute your plan, and get ready to be the person everyone else is envious of.